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Meet Aurita Maldonado!
October 11th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm 
Aurita Maldonado Book Signing.jpeg

Aurita Maldonado is a US Army veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and Afro Latin dance instructor who has danced intimately with Death.

She served more than 8 years in the military including two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After a 200lb IED exploded directly under her vehicle and three rounds hit her pack, she chose to simplify her life and follow her dreams.  She moved to Haines, Alaska to become a rafting guide in a bald eagle preserve and face her PTSD while running through the wilderness. In 2012, she contracted a severe case of rat lungworm, which paralyzed her from the waist down, leaving her in a wheelchair with neuropathy over her entire body.  Aurita was told she wouldn’t walk again, but they misjudged her determination. Her inspirational recovery is featured on Animal Planet’s show: Monsters Inside Me: Season 5 Episode 1.


In 2017 Aurita moved to the 24-mile island of Vieques, Puerto Rico to teach salsa, but Hurricane Maria hit and shifted her focus to survival. She was pregnant with no electricity, water, nor communication. Her story was featured in the documentary, Broken Worlds: The Island (Vieques). Her story was also featured in CNN Special Reports “Storm of Controversy: What Really Happened in Puerto Rico,” hosted by Bill Weir, a year after Hurricane Maria.


Today she continues to reside in Vieques with her 2 children. She lost their father to a heart attack, but continued their dream and runs an organic farm, La Finca Infinidad. She is the director of Tropical Storm Dance Co. and teaches salsa, bachata, Zumba, and Latin Fusion Aerobics... All with a side of inspiration.


You can contact or connect with Aurita Maldonado at:

Instagram: @Hurricanelnspired



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