Backstage Café Artists for March 2020

Diana Hoffman

Artist Statement


My name is Diana Jo Hoffman and I am an abstract artist based in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.  Since 2015, I have been creating abstract works of art that are inspired by music—building

layers of color and line to capture the rhythm, tone, and lyricism of my imagination. In 2017, I earned a B.A. in art and art history from Lebanon Valley College. Since then, I have participated

in a show, held by the Hershey Area Art Association, at the Hershey Public Library displaying art.  I have also had a solo exhibit at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Camp Hill in the summer of 2018.  I have worked with the Allentown Art Museum and, after a long search, I am beginning another virtual internship working at Blount Mansion, in Knoxville, Tennessee. 


When I work on visual music paintings it feels like nothing exists but me, the music I am listening to, and the painting that I am creating. I feel free. I have often said that when I listen to music while painting, my hand becomes detached and develops a mind of its own as I get lost in the process of creating a work of art. By revealing the interaction between music and abstract art, I want to create an enjoyable and inspiring experience for the viewer. While in process of creating my works of art, I listen to music in background, and sometimes, I sing to it. Music has always been a big part of my life; however, this is merely another facet of another way that I utilize it; to create pieces. Some could say that music is my muse, and I would not argue with that. When my artworks are finished, music once more finds its way back into my art, continually inspiring me with lyrics from various songs to use as titles.


While I favor working with oils and acrylic paints, I enjoy working in all types of mediums. My work can also reflect the way certain songs make me feel while painting as well. I am inspired

musically by Broadway songs, and visually by Arthur Dove and Georgia O’Keeffe. These influences are my starting point, as I allow each painting to become what it wants to become.

Nancy Schell

Artist Statement



I consider myself a "realist" painter.  My inspirations come from my gardens  to  countryside, from  seascapes  to National and International  travels.  My art is but an imitation of God's beautiful creations.


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