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AACA Museum Inc. presents:

Tucker:  The Man and His Dream
June 16th at 1:00 pm



Our “Tucker: The Man and His Dream” movie screening takes place at the historic Allen Theatre (36 E. Main St. Annville, PA ) on Friday June 16th at 1:00 pm. The film is presented as part of our 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Tucker '48. The screening includes live introductory commentary and a closing Q&A by Tucker historian Larry Clark and Cynthia Tucker-Fordon. Cynthia is the granddaughter of Preston Tucker. She acted as a production assistant and the family's liaison during the movie's production.


About the Movie: The 1988 film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, recounts the story of real-life inventor Preston Tucker and his attempt to produce and market the 1948 Tucker sedan, which was met with opposition from the "Big Three automobile makers" and accusations of stock fraud from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for which Tucker was acquitted in 1950. 

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